EvoCrit is focused on adoptables, and as such, it is entirely built to accommodate them. There are four types of adoptables on EvoCrit: standard, individual, custom, and MYO. Each one of these types is obtained differently in different projects, and some may not be able to be obtained at all in a given project.


Standard adoptables will be the most common type of adoptable. These are standardized and many users may get the same standard adoptables.

Standard adoptables are not found in Plate Fighters.


Individual adoptables are available through requests or in some projects. These adoptables are different from standard adoptables in that they tend to be made as either one of a kind or a very limited run.


Custom adoptables are adoptables where the user has provided input into the design. These adoptables are highly customized, and are often like individual adopts.


MYO (Make Your Own, also sometimes referred to as "CYO" or Create Your Own) adoptables are created using a tool (or a base) and standard parts or traits. These can be customized, but the amount of customization is limited to a degree. MYOs are not available in AeroFluff Hangar.

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