AeroFluffs are half machine, half organic creatures born of experiments to hybridize planes and creatures. Though successful, the experiments quickly broke out of their lab and established their own society. Usually non-malicious, they make great companions to those who have earned their trust.


AeroFluffs come in various body shapes but all have fur and plane parts. Through some means, they are able to breed and pass on their traits to their offspring. This requires one male and female pair. However, on rare occasions, AeroFluffs may be born biologically agender.

Capable of shifting, AeroFluffs are nonetheless unable to hide their propellers (should they have them) or the engines on their wings. Their wings can vary in position but this is mainly cosmetic; functionally, they fly in the same manner as planes themselves.

Skills and Abilities

They can change size and shape, mostly between plane-sized and animal-sized.  






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