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== Appearance ==
== Appearance ==

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Appearance Edit

Breakbuns are a type of anthropomorphic rabbit sporting long tails tipped with a sort of paw that functions as a hand. Sometimes, they may have more than one tail. Like rabbits, they have varying sorts of whiskers and also lack pawpads. They normally wear bandages.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Breakbuns enjoy combat, being a physical-oriented species. They have quick reflexes and magical abilities, though with the exception of Casters, they rarely exercise the latter.

Types Edit

Breaker Class Edit

Breaker Breakbuns are fairly large and standard, specializing in punching attacks. Because of this, their forearms are often larger than normal.

Caster Class Edit

Caster Breakbuns are a mid-sized class which use magic more than any other kind of Breakbun. They are unique in that they have detached to semi-detached arms and their tail paw has a back end spike.

Dasher Class Edit

Dasher Breakbuns are specialized for agility. They are therefore small, with childlike proportions.

Healer Class Edit

Healer Breakbuns are mid-sized Breakbuns that specialize in healing, though they also are trained in standard attacks.

Sneaker ClassEdit

Sneaker Breakbuns are trickers specializing in a variety of movement-based attacks. They are generally small and their tailpaws are good for grabbing and holding objects.

Tanker Class Edit

Tanker Breakbuns are built to take and block damage. They are among some of the larger Breakbuns.

Traits Edit

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  • Rabbit-like Ears
  • Rabbit Nose
  • Single Tail
  • Any Class
  • Any length of fluff
  • Human-like Eyes
  • Any Hairstyle


  • Two Tails
  • Extra Arms
  • Semi-Detached Arms (Casters Only, connected to body by magic)
  • Other Ears

Links Edit

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