A separate AU of CardTamers where the creatures are gijinka characters in an MMO.


Burst Shards are items that can be used to give a Character a Burst Form.  Any Character can be given a Burst Form, but you must draw or write about them interacting with the Burst Shard to be given one.

Skills and Abilities

Skills can be obtained once your Character is the right level, as well as through the use of MoveDiscs and SuperDiscs.  MoveDiscs and SuperDiscs are a method of encoding skills in a way that they can easily be added to a character.  SuperDiscs tend to contain more useful moves than MoveDiscs do.


Class is mostly cosmetic, although it also affects which species skills your Character is able to learn.  When picking a class, you can also often pick a weapon.  It's advisable to check the class aptitude list before choosing one, to see which is the best for the species you are using.

Starting Classes

The following classes are available from the start.

Fighter Class

A class that uses physical attacks and close-quarters weapons.

Healer Class

A class that is able to heal damage.  Do not underestimate their competence in combat, though.

Knight Class

A class that uses swords and such.  Rather balanced.

Mage Class

A class that can use a variety of different types of magic.  Mage skills that can be learned depend on the species' type(s).

Ranger Class

A class that uses a bow and arrow.  Often gets a special type of arrow based on the species' type(s).

Rogue Class

A class that uses daggers and is good at thieving.

Tamer Class

A class that excels at befriending and taming creatures.  Can use any befriended creatures to help with Prompts and exploring.

Specialization Classes

The following classes are available after reaching a specific level in a specific class.

Special Classes

The following classes are only available after meeting specific requirements.



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