CardTamers is a project focusing on collecting and training a variety of creatures, which are based on a variety of plants.


CardTamers has a variety of species, listed here.


Gameplay in CardTamers focuses on three aspects: finding creatures, training creatures, and breeding creatures.


The main way to find creatures in CardTamers is through exploration. Anthe Forest and the Restricted Area are the currently explorable areas. Creatures will need to be captured using Cards.


Stats in CardTamers are randomized upon a creature's creation. They can be raised with Creature Food, but this feature has not been added yet.


Most creatures in CardTamers will have at least one attribute, which gives them a passive trait. These can affect battle, breeding, and more.


Creatures in CardTamers can be trained by obtaining skills for them. This raises their training bar, and when it's full, they will gain a level.


Creatures grow with level, and some can even evolve. Most creatures have four stages of growth:

  • Baby
  • Child (Level 3)
  • Adolescent (Level 8)
  • Adult (Level 26)

There are a few creatures which have gender changes based on age, including Spliens.


CardTamers has two currencies:

  • Seeds, which are a common currency used for most things.
  • Golden Seeds, a rare currency used for breeding, as well as buying special items.


Currently, one Mini Game is planned: CardTamers Search.

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