CardTamers Remix

CardTamers Remix is a project featuring mostly creatures from CardTamers, as well as some different ones.  The main focus of CardTamers Remix is hybrids.


A list of species found in CardTamers Remix can be found here.


CardTamers Remix is focused around collecting, breeding, and hybridizing creatures.


On joining the project, you will be given a starter. Everything about the starter will be randomized, including species, palette, stats, and Remix status. You will also be asked to pick a starter location, which you can explore once your starter is completed.


Exploration is done by drawing or writing about a creature you own in an Area. You start with one area, but can unlock more by collecting creatures which appear in the area(s) you have unlocked. Results will be randomized, and can include items, project currency, creatures, and more.


There are two currencies in CardTamers Remix:

  • Seeds, which are used for most things and are common.
  • Golden Seeds, which are rare and used for premium content.


There are no Mini-Games planned for CardTamers Remix yet.

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