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Chibi Starkin are a kemonomimi-like species with stars in their ears and tails. They are born from stars and often fall to planets, where they may take on elements of the creatures that live near where they can fall. They are also able to use various magical abilities, which depend on their Star Color.



Skills and Abilities

Chibi Starkin all have the following skills:

  • Granting wishes
  • Flying/hovering
  • Creating things

Additionally, Chibi Starkin have abilities based on their Star Color and a special ability known as a Talent. This does not have to be similar to their other abilities.


Chibi Starkin can have one of the following Star Colors:

  • Red, which hatch in rocky areas or surrouded by stone. They can control stone and crystal, are protective and loyal, and may take on a rocky or shield-like appearance if hatched through a wish.
  • Yellow, which hatch in unknown conditions.
  • Blue, which hatch in water. They are able to control water and create bubbles, and may have a watery or sleek appearance if hatched through a wish.
  • Green, which hatch near plant life. They can fully control plants.
  • Orange, which hatch in extremely hot areas. They can control temperature and their mood changes frequently.
  • White, which hatch in unknown conditions.
  • Black, which hatch in anomalies such as black holes. They can control gravity and create black holes, their worlds tend to create other anomalous Starkin, and if hatched through a wish, they will take on an anomalous appearance.



The following traits appear on every Chibi Starkin:

  • Ears and tail, each with a single star
  • Extremely shiny fur, hair, stars, and clothes
  • Chibi proportions


  • Short ears
  • Thin tail


  • Long ears
  • Long, fluffy tail


  • Short, fluffy tail
  • Horn


  • Feathered ears
  • Branched thin tail
  • Feathered wings
  • Bat/dragon wings


None yet.


Chibi Starkin can have traits which are not listed, these are mutations and have no rarity.


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