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Clikrit is a project where you can collect, breed, raise, and explore with a variety of pixel creatures. Currently, Clikrit is being transferred from the old site to the current EvoCrit site.



Skills and Abilities



There are a total of 9 types. They are as follows:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Light
  • Dark
  • Anomaly

Creature List

Name Affinity Rarity Diet
Frostborn Wyvern Ice Uncommon Carnivore
Silver Felix Wind Common Obligate Carnivore
Frostbite Drake Ice Uncommon Carnivore
Horned Drab Light Rare Herbivore
Anomalous Chitter Anomaly Rare Insectivore
Glacial Slither Ice Uncommon Carnivore
Ottox Water Common Carnivore
Vulflora Nature Common Carnivore
Glitch Sprite Anomaly Uncommon Unknown
Silfine Water Common Carnivore
Elex Electric Common Carnivore
Felyre Dark Common Carnivore