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== Links ==
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Crystalline Espers are a species of humanoid creatures, with a crystal in their forehead that acts somewhat like an eye.  They are able to use this "eye" to see into another world, though this vision is completely tinted the color of the crystal.  In addition to this, they have one of several classes.  These classes are usually easy to tell based on the color of the crystal, but sometimes the energy they create can be a different color.

 Appearance Edit


Skills and Abilities Edit


Types Edit

Crystalline Espers have several classes.  These are listed by typical color and then by associated ability and energy area.

Red Edit

Has energy rings around their wrists.  Is able to use them to create devastating blast attacks.

Orange Edit

Has energy eyes.  These can also see into other worlds, as well as other times.

Yellow Edit

Has energy wings.  Is able to use them to fly.

Green Edit

Has energy tendrils/antennae.  Is able to use them to sense how others are feeling and potentially heal them.

Blue Edit

Has energy bubbles on their ankles.  Is able to create barriers and such.

Purple Edit

Has energy arms over their normal ones.  Is able to use them to move things around.

Traits Edit


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