Domeni Café is a project featuring Domeni, a species of food kemonomimis and gijinkas.


Domeni Café features Domeni, as well as their companion species, the Spice Balls and Food Critters.


Domeni Café involves collecting Domeni with a variety of ingredients. Ingredients can be collected from a Domeni once a day and used in Mystery Cooking to get a new Domeni. Once levels are earned through art, Domeni can be equipped with Spice Balls - one at level 2, two at level 8, and three at level 20.


Domeni have 4 stats which determine various things about them. Currently, only Production is used. Each stat is assigned a random value between 10 and 20 when the Domeni is created, and increases with levels.

  • Cooking currently has no effect, but is planned to affect Mystery Cooking.
  • Speed currently has no effect.
  • Production determines how many ingredients are obtained from the ingredient collection.
  • Charm currently has no effect.




Domeni Café is planned to have two mini-games, Domeni Kitchen and Domeni Food Fight. Domeni Kitchen is planned to be set in a variety of restaurant settings, and involve cooking food with the ingredients Domeni produce. Domeni Food Fight is a working title and is planned to involve combat with Food Critters.

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