EvoCrit Wiki

Welcome to EvoCrit! Most people tend to feel a little bit lost amidst all the activity so this guide is meant to introduce the main facets of the site.

Getting Started[]

If you do not already have an account on the EvoCrit site, you'll want to first click the link and make one. This site alongside the main EvoCrit site (currently disabled) will be the places where all of your adopts and information will be stored. It is absolutely necessary to have an account in order to proceed.

Note that all account information is shared between the two sites, and that the main EvoCrit site is currently disabled in favor of Tracker due to needing to be extensively overhauled.

Making Connections[]

EvoCrit is run by aquapyrofan, who serves also as the site's sole artist. Progress is steady but updates on the site itself may appear slow. To get the full details on what's happening behind the scenes, feel free to join the Discord group, where aqua is constantly available to answer questions and suggestions. In addition, you will be able to meet other active members of the EvoCrit community. Even more exclusive information can be found by supporting EvoCrit's Patreon. There is also a Facebook page and a Twitter where updates are posted.

Finding Adopts[]

The easiest way to get an adoptable from the site is by applying to one of aqua's many freebie threads. Due to aqua's schedule, however, this way might be very lengthy. A more reliable and quicker way to gain an adoptable is to simply buy a MYO or random adopt from the EvoCrit Store. For those on a budget, however, it's absolutely not necessary to spend money. MYO tickets and adopts can also be gained from raffles frequently hosted on the Discord server.

Explaining Species[]

EvoCrit is an adoptable site with a multitude of species available so it can be a little difficult to explain all of them at once. Many of them have pages on this very wiki but for quick summaries of what each species consists of, here is a list of projects. If you have any more questions, feel free to head to the Discord or the forums!