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Ribomir are a species of canine-like creatures.  They are able to transform into a kemonomimi form, summon mirrors, and use the ribbon(s) on their bodies for a variety of actions.


Ribomir appear canine, with similar markings on all individuals (save for the forehead markings). The markings on their forelegs also vary in shape with their type.

Forehead marking variations

Ribomir have a variety of forehead markings, determined by their type. These include:

  • Lotus
  • Daisy
  • Tulip
  • Lily

Mirror Markings

Ribomir which are able to summon their mirrors have a crescent marking around their forehead marking. This varies in color based on the mirror's backing:

  • Silver/gold: metal backing
  • Brown: wood backing
  • Other color: other backing

Kemonomimi Form

Ribomir are able to take a kemonomimi form. In this form, they can still summon their mirror, and their ribbons are still present. The method to unlock this is currently unknown.

Skills and abilities

All Ribomir will eventually possess the following basic abilities:

  • Summoning a mirror
  • Controlling the ribbon(s) on their body
  • Shapeshifting into a kemonomimi form

Ribomir are able to learn additional abilities based on their type and the location(s) of their ribbon(s).




Ribomir have a variety of traits, separated by age.


Pup Ribomir are only capable of displaying a few traits.


  • Short Ears
  • Monochromatic


  • Mirror marking
  • Medium-length Ears


  • Nub Horns
  • Wings
  • Fractured (more than one color on the main body)
  • Long Ears

Older Pup



Adult Ribomir can display the most traits.