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Tamers in CardTamers are very important. They, along with creatures, are necessary for exploration. Additionally, creatures without a Tamer can't be used in the ARPG.

Favorite Type

Every Tamer has a favorite type. If a move with the Tamer's favorite type is used in CardTamers Search, it gains additional damage.

DeckBuilder Membership

By default, Tamers can have up to three creatures. This can be expanded with a DeckBuilder Membership through the DeckBuilder Club. DeckBuilder Memberships can be purchased with Gold Seeds, although a basic DeckBuilder Membership is included with every paid Tamer. DeckBuilder Memberships must be purchased in the order listed below.

Level Cap Cost
Basic 10 10 GS
Silver 25 40 GS
Gold 40 90 GS
Platinum 100 150 GS

Hybrid Tamers

Some Hybrids are able to be Tamers, which requires a Power Limiter.